the old fort
restoration of historic prison building

The Old Fort on Constitution Hill is one of the most historic buildings in the city. Its history is cross section of the history of the city and the country - from its early incarnation in the1890’s as a ZAR prison and fort, to a struggle prison where many historic figures - from Mandela to Gandhi – were imprisoned.

There were two main goals behind the restoration of the building:

To prevent and reverse decay, preserving the building and its historic value.

To expose the many layers of history of the building and to make this history visible and available to the public.
The process of the restoration was very involved, required a sensitive architectural language and understanding of what is of historical value - historical artefacts were uncovered, foundations of demolished buildings exposed and commemorated, beautiful sandstone detailing discovered and preserved.
The result of the project is not only the preservation of a heritage asset but the creation of a valuable tourist asset for the city.