pringle bay house
a holiday home in cape town

The brief was to design a house that responded inventively to the context, was easy and comfortable to use and at the same time suitable for entertainment of clients and important visitors. The result is a place where one feels connected to and part of the earth, the sea, the mountains and the sky. The house is tranquil, sensual and uplifting - once you are there you feel like you never want to leave.

Materials used include stone sourced from the site; cut, carved and naturally formed timber, plastered brickwork, glass and screed for floors. The colours chosen are shades of the surrounding vegetation. Through the use of these elements together with the use of texture and fragmentation of the building mass, the house integrates into the surrounding landscape.

Much thought has been given to the integration of art and architecture, of inside and outside rooms and of enclosure (courtyards) and exposure (to views). The built form is integrated into the landscape.